Dogfish Head Expansion Plans and More

While reading this article on Dogfish Head’s gluten-free beer Tweason’ale, I was pretty stoked when I read this following part:

As if he didn’t have enough heaped on his plate, Calagione is planning a major expansion. He recently got 40 acres adjacent to his brewery rezoned for industrial use; he plans to build a new warehouse and bottling facility on the land. That will allow him to install a second brewhouse in his current warehouse. Potentially, he could boost his production to 600,00 barrels a year…

This is awesome! One of my favorite craft breweries got approval and will be expanding sometime soon. Not just fermentation tanks, but including a whole new brew house. I can’t even imagine of what Sam and the Dogfish crew will come up with next, but I have a feeling that a second brew house will mean there will be a lot more! I don’t even want to get into the discussion about how people seem to thing Dogfish Head has become overrated. I’ll just leave Sam’s response to a thread about the most overrated craft breweries:  Continue reading