Hardywood Park Releases Their Bourbon Cru

You have probably noticed I have been writing a lot about Hardywood Park Craft Brewery recently. Well the reason is simple enough; they brew phenomenal beer and are located about 1 mile from where I live so I’m helping out there as much as I can. Last week they received two brand new 80-barrel fermentation tanks which doubled their capacity. Hopefully with these new tanks they will be able to start keeping up with the demand of the Richmond area (they were running at capacity two months after they opened).

*80 Barrel Fermentation Tanks

New tanks. Photo courtesy of Brad Cooper, Assistant Brewer at Hardywood

Continue reading to learn about their newest Barrel Series release.

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Dogfish Head Expansion Plans and More

While reading this article on Dogfish Head’s gluten-free beer Tweason’ale, I was pretty stoked when I read this following part:

As if he didn’t have enough heaped on his plate, Calagione is planning a major expansion. He recently got 40 acres adjacent to his brewery rezoned for industrial use; he plans to build a new warehouse and bottling facility on the land. That will allow him to install a second brewhouse in his current warehouse. Potentially, he could boost his production to 600,00 barrels a year…

This is awesome! One of my favorite craft breweries got approval and will be expanding sometime soon. Not just fermentation tanks, but including a whole new brew house. I can’t even imagine of what Sam and the Dogfish crew will come up with next, but I have a feeling that a second brew house will mean there will be a lot more! I don’t even want to get into the discussion about how people seem to thing Dogfish Head has become overrated. I’ll just leave Sam’s response to a BeerAdvocate.com thread about the most overrated craft breweries:  Continue reading

Flying Dog Brewery Making Some Changes in 2012

Flying Dog will always have a special place in my heart as their Doggie Style was my first craft beer that I fell in love with. So I’m happy for Flying Dog and their great year in 2011. While they were up 25% this past year and are making plans to expand, I am not thrilled to see them making moves to put craft beer in cans. For some reason, canned beers lose their appeal to me; most likely due to the fact that I associate canned beer with macro-breweries and their lower quality beverages. The only positive things that I can see coming from converting to cans would be the convenience in carrying my beer around, or crushing my can when I was done drinking to show how awesome I am. But, let’s be honest. If I was concerned about not having those specific aspects in my life, I would seriously need to re-evaluate my outlook on life.

I will be writing an article on cans vs bottles in the next few days so you can make your own call on this debate that I’m sure will continue to rage on throughout the years to come.

– Eric