Craft Beer Ad Campaigns: The Story of WORK Beer

The story of WORK Beer is simple enough. Back in 1998, coworkers gathered at their favorite tavern after work to drink their usual beers while sitting on their usual stools. However, one evening they broke from their monotony and had an epiphany; they had grown tired of the beer they had been drinking. They were hard workers and they deserved to drink something better! So, WORK Beer was born. In its first 7 months, WORK Beer became the #1 selling beer in four states. Unfortunately, WORK Beer’s brewery partner Main Street Brewing Company went out of business, so production halted. Why is a beer that is no longer brewed important you ask? Keep reading to find out.

The dream of WORK Beer still lives on today, but they are in the need of a new brewery. Their goal is to open up a new facility in the Richmond, Virginia area so if you’re a fan of craft beer and want to see WORK Beer reborn, please sign their petition. Since I reside in the Richmond area, I fully support bringing another brewery to the area and have already signed my name.

Now for the important part relating to WORK Beer. A friend of mine brought my attention to a local ad agency by the name of WORK Labs who was responsible for WORK Beer’s ad campaign from 1998 – 2003. As you can see, WORK Labs did some pretty awesome work and I feel they did an amazing job capturing the story of WORK Beer. In 2005, WORK Labs showed their campaign to a Colorado brewery who they have maintained a strong relationship with. That same brewery uses the same ad agency of New Belgium Brewing Company. New Belgium recently released a new ad campaign for one of their new beers Shift. The following pictures are a few from WORK Lab’s ad campaign circa 2003 (on the left) and New Belgium’s 2012 ad campaign (on the right):

There are a few more of these you can find by heading over to WORK Beer’s page where they ask for your opinion on the matter. Should they be flattered? Should they be mad? Or is this just some sort of coincidence? The are far too many similarities for me to believe that this was just a coincidence. I mean look at NBC’s The Voice logo compared to Victory Brewing’s logo. Coincidence?

Whatever you think, please be sure to let them know. They would love to have your opinion on the matter. Check out more of WORK Lab’s WORK Beer ad campaign. This year at the Richmond Ad Show, WORK Labs received Best in Show in Design for a member booklet for Lab Rats, the firm’s creative think tank, as well as numerous other advertising awards. I’m excited to see what they will do in the future!

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