Looks Like the Canning Craft Beer is Going to Increase

According to an anonymous picture sent to Beer Street Journal, Sierra Nevada cans have been sighted. Check out my previous post about Sierra Nevada canning their beers here.

Canned Sierra Nevada beers via Beer Street Journal

After the jump, read more about the rise of canning in the craft beer industry 

Cask Brewing System is a Canadian based company that produced and sold the first canning line for beers. The company’s technical sales representative Jamie Gordon reported that the sales of US craft beers packaged in cans grew 700% last year, and called the demand for canning lines in the past 24 months as “quite spectacular”. For the past six years, Cask Brewing System has dealt exclusively in canning lines. In 2011, they sold 50 canning lines, and in 2012 they’re expecting to sell as many as 70.

I have previously said that I was not a fan of craft beer being canned. I actually was drinking 21st Amendment’s Bitter American during Super Bowl Sunday, which is canned, and did not have a bad experience with it. It seems they’re growing on me, so hopefully I don’t have any bad experiences with them. I won’t lie, it also felt great crushing the can in my hand after I poured it into a pint glass. So it looks like I’ve got that to look forward to if my favorite beers are going to be canned in the future!

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