Bud Light Platinum

The Super Bowl is less than a week away, so that means the beer commercials will be flowing in full force. From what I’ve heard, advertisers are paying just under $4 million for each 30-second spot this year. Holy smokes.

Anheuser Busch is introducing a new member to the Budweiser family; Bud Light Platinum. I have a feeling they will be focusing a large part of their advertising this year on Bud Light Platinum. What is this new child in the Budweiser family you ask? Basically a higher ABV light beer weighing in at 6% ABV and 137 calories per 12 oz. serving. Beer Street Journal was able to snag an early taste of it, so head over there to get a better run down.

On my weekly beer shopping trip I saw some packs of it and thought to myself “I wonder what this nonsense is all about” and made a mental note to look it up when I got hom. I can say I’m interested in trying this, but I’m not going to go too far out of my way to. Also, not a fan of the blue glass bottles; mainly because most recycling facilities can’t process them and will most likely just be thrown into a landfill.

Bud Light Platinum

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